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This video outlines the process for closing an Order Confirmation for a worker that had no approved hours associated with the Order Confirmation.  This often occurs when a Supplier enters duplicate Orders for a worker or when a worker no call / no shows to an assignment.  

Note: Anything listed below that is highlighted in blue and underlined can be clicked on to take you to a QuickGuide, Training Video or additional resources with step by step instructions.

The process for closing an Order that has zero approved TimeCards stored is essentially the same as closing out any Order.  The key part is to know what date to enter as the termination date.  The whole process of closing an Order and choosing the correct termination date to enter is explained below.


In order to close out an Order, first log into your WorkRecords account and navigate to Reports on the blue menu bar.  Then, choose My Views.  Choose the appropriate View in your account (most commonly called Search Orders and Templates).  Then, search for the Order that you want to close.  Set your search criteria as needed and click the Generate View button.

Once you have located the Order that you wish to close, click on the blue Info hyperlink to begin the process of determining the correct termination date for the Order.  From the drop down menu, choose Order TimeCards Zero.  This will allow you to see a snapshot of the TimeCards for the Order to help you choose the correct termination date. 



An Order that has never had an approved TimeCard can sometimes show many weeks of missing TimeCards (depending on how long ago the start date was), as shown in the example below.  When there are no approved TimeCards for the worker, enter a term date that is 7 days or more before the first Missing TimeCard.  For simple math, you can subtract 10 days.  In the example below, 10 days prior to 12/19/14 would be 12/9/14.  Enter 12/9/14 as the term date and click the Submit button. 




Go back to your View and click the blue Info hyperlink next to that worker's name.  Choose Complete Order from the pop up menu.  Enter the termination date in the box and click the Submit button.