What is a job activity?

A job activity is a label capturing the task a worker actually performed.  The options for job activities are determined by the Labor Buyer at the time the account is configured.  

What is a job title?

The job title is a label added to an Order Confirmation based on what the Labor Supplier plans for the worker to do, the assigned job for the worker.  Some Labor Suppliers use broad job titles to help facilitate reporting across several customers.  The list of job titles added to a supplier's account are determined by the Labor Supplier. 

In summary, the two primary differences between a job title and a job activity are:

  • Job titles are labels determined by the Supplier and job activities are labels determined by the Buyer.
  • Job titles indicate the activity that was planned and can be broad, while job activities indicate what actually happened and are often detailed.

Let's look at an example of  the Job Titles Labor Suppliers may use verses the Job Activities required by the Labor Buyer for the same WorkSegments.