WorkRecords Manager 

Each location within a company designates a local WorkRecords Manager.  This individual will: 

  1. Possess the authority and commitment to oversee the implementation of WorkRecords for the location
  2. Identify the necessary knowledgeable staff for configuration of the software
  3. Spearhead and lead any necessary meetings for training, coordination, etc., ensuring that the appropriate attendees are progressing appropriately
  4. Provide assistance in encouraging timely response to requests for data and meeting participation 
  5. Give direction to the WorkRecords team if configuration requirements conflict between two areas of business
  6. Oversee the formal notification to employees regarding adoption and process 
  7. Work with WorkRecords personnel and staff to ensure adherence to the WorkRecords best practices on an ongoing basis
  8. In due time, train a backup or compliance manager to fill in when ill, on vacation, etc.

Compliance Manager

Depending on the size of the organization and company structure the WorkRecords Manager may determine that a Compliance Manager is also needed.  The Compliance Manager often becomes a super user of the WorkRecords software responsible for the day to day operation of WorkRecords.  This often includes requesting user account activation/deactivation, receiving exception alerts, and generating reporting that drives a successful program well past GoLive.