WorkRecords allows both Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers to make edits in WorkRecords in many different Views and reports.  The Edit TimeCard hyperlink and ChartIt action items provide access to WorkRecords TimeCard Editor.  Since Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers do not have a unique set of Views for each partnership and agreements can vary between each Labor Buyer and Labor Supplier, access to the edit capability is not restricted through technology. 

Editing Best Practices

Determining Who Should Edit

WorkRecords has found that the most accurate edits are made as soon as they are discovered and by someone who knows what the correct information should be.  This also allows for immediate coaching of workers to avoid future edits.  Whether edits are entered by the Labor Buyer, Labor Supplier or both, varies with each individual account relationship and often the situations that arise requiring editing.  It is helpful to establish a deadline for completing edits that is well in advance of the deadline for TimeCard approvals, especially if the Labor Supplier has a primary responsibility for completing the edits. 

Reviewing Edits Weekly

All users have access to a View called Review Edits Made to WorkSegments or a View with a similar name. WorkRecords recommends that both Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers run this View to monitor edits prior to TimeCard approval (Labor Buyers) or invoicing (Labor Suppliers).  Alerts can be set up for automatic delivery of a report to proactively monitor editing. Labor Buyers have the opportunity to review TimeCards with edits for a more careful review, and approve just those TimeCards as a separate step in the approval process, if desired.

The overall goal should be to reduce edits whenever possible.