Time Investment: 10 minutes 

What is WorkRecords?

WorkRecords is a cloud platform (i.e, the software is entirely web-based and can be accessed from any device with a browser connected to the internet).  We provide solutions to major issues encountered when a workplace includes a mix of employees, contract and temporary workers, service and supply staff, outsourced workers, inspectors and/or auditors, and all other labor that encompasses today's multi-employer workforce. Longtime users sometimes describe WorkRecords as "a time and attendance system on steroids, plus invoicing."

The videos hyperlinked below provide a general overview and demonstration of the WorkRecords software (videos are approximately 10 minutes long).  The videos are an excellent resource, as they explain our software better than just words can do


WorkRecords General Overview

WorkRecords Overview for Hospitality (WorkRecords general overview with examples specifically designed for hospitality customers)

Many customers select WorkRecords for the unique benefits our software offers users across an organization. If you are interested in learning more, the chart below outlines the benefits available in the Core Services of the WorkRecords software. Additional benefits are available to Labor Buyers, Labor Suppliers, and Workers--both contract and employee--through the WorkRecords App Store. 

Click this link to learn about Reviewing Activity in WorkRecords!