Where do I get started?

WorkRecords recommends that individuals in our Labor Buyers' Finance/Accounting Departments review the materials provided in the links below. We realize that you may need to skip around in your training in order to complete a specific task and meet a deadline, therefore we have categorized the training into key topics or tasks. This will allow you to quickly find the resources that you need. However, we can't stress enough how important it is that you take time to review all of the materials. This will enable you to maximize your use of the data and functionality available through the WorkRecords software.  

Clicking on the links below will open the training materials in a new tab in your Internet browser.  To easily return to this page, simply click on this tab in your Internet browser.

Introducing WorkRecords

Running Daily Labor, Weekly or Month End Reports

Accessing Invoices

Reviewing Invoice Details

Completing Month-end Reconciliation

Reviewing WorkSegments Not Yet Invoiced

Processing Invoices

Using e-Support 
The training materials within your folder include the most relevant information for users in accounting and finance areas.  Additional Solutions are available on e-Support to assist you with learning more about other areas, as well as the advanced capabilities of WorkRecords.  

To learn how to make the most of e-Support, review the following link:

Using e-Support Resources for Labor Buyers

If you still have questions after reviewing the materials in the links above, please open a Support Ticket to request additional training, noting a specific training topic, and a Training Manager will contact you.