Reviewing Activity                                                                                                                                          

Time Investment: 20-30 minutes over several small sections

WorkRecords provides immediate access to workers' time and activity (WorkSegments) as it occurs.  Reports can be generated to show any combination of:

  • unapproved WorkSegments
  • approved WorkSegments
  • invoiced WorkSegments  
that occurred within a specified time period--across a single location, multiple locations or even for a single department, job activity, or shift.  It is easy to quickly find the information that you need with WorkRecords!  

Below are links for training materials regarding how worker activity can be reviewed, depending on your role:

Using Views in WorkRecords (recommended if you need a lot of reporting)          
Time Investment: 30+ minutes across 4 core areas

Views in WorkRecords are used to:
  • Find data or create reportsThink of a View as your very own, super-simplified report writer that creates a customized report with just a few clicks.
  • Take action - Managers that are directly responsible for labor usage can use Views to monitor worker activity, review/approve TimeCards, and keep track of invoice totals impacting their area of responsibility.  The days of using contract labor invoicing as reporting are a thing of the past!

Because the functionality through Views can be so powerful and offers you the ability to customize your account, WorkRecords encourages you to take a few minutes to learn more about the basic and advanced functionality of Views by reviewing the links provided below.

Learning about Views

Using Selectors, Action Items, and Info Links in Views

Common Buyer Views and Alerts

Using Advanced Sorting Feature in the View Details