WorkRecords Finance and Accounting users consistently report that one of the primary reasons they never want to return to a world without WorkRecords is Month-end Reconciliation.  What historically took hours to complete, is now done in minutes (often in less than 5!) with a much higher degree of accuracy.

The process is quick and easy!

Below are some step by step instructions but we've also created a short training video that covers how to run the WorkRecords reports and another video on how to interpret the data once you've captured your results.

Finance Department - How to Run Reports in WorkRecords Training Video - 3.5 minutes

Using the View called DAILY- Review Hours and Spend in Progress, the date range is set to match the dates included in the month (calendar month or set period).  Generate the View.  



The results screen displays a summary of the hours and spend broken out in all of the appropriate categories. 


And, by clicking on the Show Full Detailshyperlink, you can review of all of the WorkSegments included during the period.  From here, you can see if any WorkSegments have not already been approved or invoiced, but are included in the View.  You can also quickly confirm things such as the range of Bill Rates and take a more in-depth look at anything outside the normal range (this can also be monitored through Alerts).

Using the Group Order feature in the Field Selectors area can also provide a quick review of other valuable information.  This can be used to see hours and spend by Labor Supplier, rates, hours by work day, etc.


Once the View is generated, the results will be displayed as shown below.



With WorkRecords, it is easy to use the real-time data to complete Month-end reconciliation and many other trending reports that may be required.

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