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As long as the worker's Order was set up with the needed AddOn, an amount can easily be edited in for the worker.  You'll need to access the TimeCard editor section, which can be accessed by using the following Views, as an example:

  • Find A Worker (View available to Labor Buyers)
  • Review Weekly Activity by Worker (View available to Labor Suppliers)

Use the appropriate View to find the worker.  Click the blue Info hyperlink and then choose Edit TimeCard.  As long as an AddOn was included on the worker's Order when it was created, the amount can simply be edited in.  Please note that in order to edit in an amount in an AddOn field, the worker must first have a WorkSegment entered onto their TimeCard.  

  • If the worker does not already have a WorkSegment on their TimeCard, a WorkSegment will first need to be edited in that is at least 2-minutes in length.  (e.g., 8:00 AM to 8:02 AM)

  • If the worker already has a WorkSegment(s) stored on their TimeCard, the amount can simply be edited in for the respective AddOn.  There will be no need to edit in a 2-minute WorkSegment in that case.  

Please see the solution linked below for more information specifically on editing.  More information specifically regarding editing an AddOn can be found within the QuickGuide or the video.  

Editing in WorkRecords