Reviewing Activity for Accounting and Finance Managers

Common areas that Labor Buyers in Accounting and Finance typically review, either through running Views or setting Alerts, include: 


Activity View Name WorkRecords Best Practice(s) and Training Materials/videos Method
Review activity
(daily labor report, weekly, month-end, etc.) 

Daily: Review Hours and Spend in Progress

View as needed; provides a variety of information over any date range

Finance Department - Running Reports in WorkRecords Training Video
Review WorkSegments not yet invoiced

Daily: Review Hours and Spend in Progress

Set to run an Alert weekly for WorkSegments greater than 2-3 weeks old that have not yet been invoiced

Finance Department - How to run and save a report and set up an Alert if a WorkSegment hasn't been invoiced yet  - Training Video
Access invoices Search Invoices View as needed for research or review

Finance Department - How to access invoices
Review Invoice Detail Daily: Review Hours and Spend in Progress View as needed to review invoice details  View

If there is not a Compliance Manager at the location where you are working, you will want to review additional Views/Alerts used by the Compliance Manager.  The person in the Compliance Manager role generally monitors additional items, such as Bill Rate changes, edit patterns, etc.  

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