In WorkRecords, Orders remain active even after a terminate date is entered if there are missing TimeCards or unapproved WorkSegments.

Why does WorkRecords care about Missing TimeCards?

Once an Order is created in WorkRecords with a start date, then the system expects that there will be a TimeCard submitted each week until the Order is closed.  This helps busy Labor Suppliers ensure that all active workers are accounted for before exporting hours and activity for payroll.  If a TimeCard is not submitted, the Order will show up on the Search for Missing TimeCards View.  If the worker did not work that week but will be returning in the near future, a Zero TimeCard can be entered.  If the worker is not returning, the Missing TimeCard list is a great reminder to go ahead and close the Order.

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What are unapproved WorkSegments?   

Unapproved WorkSegments are punches that are either entered by the worker through the Kiosk or edited in by a Labor Buyer or Labor Supplier.  Because WorkSegments cannot be presented on an Invoice until they are approved, WorkRecords keeps the Order as active until all WorkSegments are approved.  This helps the Labor Supplier notice that an Order has unapproved time and therefore capture all the billing due to them.