The Search for Missing TimeCards View enables Labor Suppliers to quickly review Orders that have missing TimeCards, allowing Labor Suppliers to keep data updated.  Keeping data up to date assists all users of WorkRecords, workers benefit at the Kiosk when checking in and out and Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers benefit when logging in to review and when necessary edit hours and/or activity.  Completing approvals are also much easier for Labor Buyers when the data is up to date. 

Benefits of the Search for Missing TimeCards View

This View is used to:

  • ensure any worker with time stored for a specific week-ending has an approved TimeCard for that week-ending date.
  • ensure all workers listed as active should really be active. (Note: Several missing TimeCards for the most recent weeks are a good indication that this worker is no longer actively working.)
  • identify Orders that have a term date entered, but are still listed as active because of missing TimeCards.
  • enter a zero hour TimeCard for a worker and close orders that no longer need to be active.

Why does a worker appear on this View?

A worker will appear on the Search for Missing TimeCards View when the status of the TimeCard for a given week is listed as "Missing" or it shows "Unsubmitted Hours Stored."

A TimeCard is considered "Missing" when any of the following occur:

  • the worker's Order was active for that week-ending
  • no WorkSegments were stored on the Order for that week-ending
  • a TimeCard was not approved by either the Labor Buyer or the Labor Supplier

A TimeCard has "Unsubmitted Hours Stored" when one or more WorkSegments are stored for this week-ending, but the Labor Buyer never approved the WorkSegments for this week-ending.  On rare occasions unsubmitted hours stored is due to a Labor Buyer early approving a TimeCard before all hours were captured by the worker.

Running the Search for Missing TimeCards Views

  • Log into WorkRecords
  • Navigate to Views on the blue header bar
  • Choose My Views from the submenu
  • Click on the Search for Missing TimeCards View
  • Click the blue Info hyperlink for any worker shown on the View

  • Choose Order Time Cards Zero from the pop up menu

  • The worker's week-endings for the Order will be displayed.  Any week-endings that need attention will be shown as either "Missing" or "Unsubmitted Hours Stored."

What to do with Missing TimeCards

Missing TimeCards Between Weeks Shown as Approved

When it is known that a worker did not actually work during the week-ending that is shown as "Missing," a zero-hour TimeCard can be submitted for the worker.  Entering a zero-hour TimeCard indicates to WorkRecords that the worker did not actually work during this time period and should not have a TimeCard with hours.

  • Check the checkboxes next to any weeks that are shown as Missing.
  • Check the checkbox at the bottom to certify that you are submitting this on behalf of the worker.
  • Click the 0 Submit Selected button.

Most Recent Weeks are all Missing TimeCards

If a worker has multiple weeks of Missing TimeCards shown for all of the most recent weeks, this is a very good indication that the worker is no longer working.  This Order should be closed.

  • In the example shown below, this worker has not had an approved TimeCard since week-ending 11/28/14.  The 10 most recent week-endings all show the TimeCard as Missing.  This Order should be closed.

  • Return to your Search for Missing TimeCards View.  Click the blue Info hyperlink.  Choose Complete Order from the pop up menu.  Enter the term date 11/28/14 and click the Submit button.  Once 11/28/14 has been entered as the term date and the date submitted, no TimeCards after that date will be expected by WorkRecords and no Missing TimeCards will then be shown after that date.

Every Week is Shown as Missing

When an Order shows every week as Missing, this is a good indication that the worker never worked on this Order and it should be closed.  

  • In the example below, all TimeCards for this worker are shown as Missing.  The first Missing TimeCard in this case was for week-ending 12/19/14.  

  • Return to your Search for Missing TimeCards View.  Click the blue Info hyperlink.  Choose Complete Order from the pop up menu.  Enter a term date that is 7 days or more before the first Missing TimeCard.  For simple math, you can use 10 days.  In this case, 10 days prior to 12/19/14 would be 12/9/14.  Enter 12/9/14 as the term date and click the Submit button. 

  • Note: If you were to enter today's date instead, you would still have to enter zero-hour TimeCards for all of the previous week-endings.  Or, if you entered 12/19/14 (the date of the first Missing TimeCard), you would still have to enter a zero-hour TimeCard for week-ending 12/19/14.  Simply entering the term date as 12/9/14 and clicking the Submit button essentially removes the Order from WorkRecords and no Missing TimeCards would then be shown for this Order.



What to do with Unsubmitted Hours

When a worker has Unsubmitted Hours Stored, one of the following two actions will need to be taken.

  1. The Labor Buyer needs to approve the WorkSegments for the worker.
  2. The WorkSegments need to be deleted 


Before you can determine which one of the two above actions is best, a couple of things need to be determined, often in conjunction with your leadership or your Labor Buyer.  

  1. Are you expecting to present these WorkSegments on an Invoice?  
  2. Is it important to the Labor Buyer (or your internal compliance team) that the WorkSegments be kept--even if they are not going to be Invoiced?  

Sample Scenarios

We do need to bill for the unapproved time

Your Labor Buyer must approve the WorkSegments.

We do need NOT need to bill for the unapproved time AND the WorkSegments do NOT need to be kept for reporting/compliance purposes 

Use TimeCard editor and delete the unapproved segments.  See Editing WorkSegments for more information on deleting the time.  Then, submit a zero-hour TimeCard for this worker.

We do need NOT need to bill for the unapproved time, however the WorkSegments MUST be kept for reporting/compliance purposes

Change the Bill Rate on the Order(s) to $0.00 and request that the Labor Buyer approve the outdated WorkSegments.  If you are no longer working with this customer, request that WorkRecords Support facilitate approvals.