The two Views most commonly used to complete a daily review of worker time and activity are listed below.  Each can be found by navigating to Reports on the blue header bar and choosing My Views from the drop down menu.

  1. Daily Workclock Activity 
  2. Weekly Workclock Activity 

Action: Daily Review
The main items that should be reviewed daily include: 
  • Do the workers show that they have checked-in/out for the day properly?
  • Is any coaching required?
  • Are the workers checking-in too early/late? 
  • Are the workers punching correctly for meal breaks? 
  • Are the workers selecting the correct shift, department, job activity? 
  • Do any workers have multiple Orders (due to different rates)? If so, are they selecting the correct Order for the appropriate job activity? 

Action: Weekly Review

The main items that should be reviewed weekly include: 

  • Are the hourly Bill Rates correct?
  • Are there any duplicate Orders entered for workers?  (A duplicate Order occurs when a worker has more than one Order with exactly the same Bill Rates and Pay Rates.)
  • Are the total hours for the week correct?

Click on the link below to view a video showing how the the Weekly Workclock Activity View is used to complete this review.

Video: Reviewing Worker Time and Activity Using the Weekly Workclock Activity View