Creating New Support Tickets

Unless you are pre-GoLive or within a few days Post GoLive, creating an e-Support ticket is the fastest way to receive a response since there is a team of Support associates working to help you.  

When creating a new Support ticket, please provide as much information as possible so that WorkRecords can direct your request to the appropriate Support associate.  

  • If your request is for an action such as unapproving a TimeCard, please be sure to include the worker's name, work location and week-ending date.
  • If you have questions about a View in your account or an Invoice, please include the View name and date range or Invoice number. 
  • If you ever have a situation that is difficult to add to a ticket and need a phone call or time with a Training Manager, please include at least the topic so the correct Training Manager can return your call. 

While you are logged into WorkRecords you can access e-Support from the menu bar.  Navigate to the the Support heading on the blue menu bar and choose Create Support Ticket.

Or, if you are already on the e-Support site, you can create a Support Ticket by clicking on New Support Ticket

Previous Ticket Responses

Some activities happen infrequently and while you may have resolved this in a previous Support Ticket, you may have forgotten the steps now.  WorkRecords e-Support catalogs all of your Tickets in the event you want to review them in the future.  If you click on Tickets from the menu bar in e-Support you will see Tickets that you have created, as well as the Support responses.


Your feedback is important to us. New Support Solutions are created every week and old Solutions are updated based on your input.  You can provide us with feedback in two ways.  

  1. Rating our performance on your tickets through the email survey that is sent to you or by logging into your account  
  2. Rating our Solutions through the "was this helpful" survey at the bottom of every page  

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