One of the many benefits of WorkRecords is the elimination of invoice disputes.  Because all invoices are presented through WorkRecords (vs. by email or fax) both parties are assured that the total on the invoice is exactly what the Labor Buyer's managers approved and that each approved TimeCard has only been presented one time.  Each invoice can be printed to show the detailed information like individual TimeCards, cost allocation, approvers email address, rates at the time of approval etc. using a drop down menu at the top of the online invoice.

One person, usually someone in AP, is assigned to automatically get an email notification that an invoice has been presented.  Everyone with access can pull invoices through the Search Invoices view and anyone who's email is listed on the order in WorkRecords can be copied on that initial presentation and if requested, the Labor Supplier can also email the invoices to any other people within your account.

The training video below covers how to log into WorkRecords to review an invoice that's been presented.

How to access invoices - Training Video - 3 minutes

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