On every invoice presented in WorkRecords you will find the necessary invoice remittance information from the Labor Supplier, a list of the approved TimeCards with the total hours and any of the financial information (hourly and non-hourly) associated with that TimeCard.  Additionally, at the bottom of the invoice, an AP Sort is shown that is a summary of all of the WorkSegments reflected on those TimeCards and how those dollars should be allocated.  

For example - a worker works 20 hours in Housekeeping as a Houseman and is then asked to work 15 more hours as a Laundry Attendant.  They declare what they are actually doing every time they step up to the WorkRecords kiosk or by scanning the QR code.  At the end of the week, they may have 6 WorkSegments reflecting their hours worked in Housekeeping and another 4 WorkSegments reflecting Laundry.  

The list of approved TimeCards will reflect that the worker had 35 hours.

The AP Sort will show the hours in the correct allocations.

If further detail is needed or research needs to be done on the invoice, anyone can run the DAILY:  Review Hours and Spend in Progress Report and review the details of the WorkSegments for a specific invoice.  The training video below shows how to run that report and analyze the details from the invoice.