WorkRecords enables billing of non-hourly items through the use of AddOns or Special Billing Units (SBUs).  Remember, anything that is billed, should be captured in WorkRecords for billing purposes.  

Examples of non-hourly items are:

  • Hotels and hospitals that allow workers to purchase meals and would then like that captured and deducted from contract labor invoices.  
  • Hotels and hospitals that pay workers by the room cleaned as opposed to a flat hourly rate.   
  • Manufacturing companies that add safety incentives and production bonuses to a worker's TimeCard and then it is presented on an invoice through WorkRecords.  
  • Occasionally though, the AddOn/SBUs that are input are for items that are not directly associated with billing, but are tracked for productivity metrics.

The AddOns/SBUs are added to the Template or Order when it is created.  The Labor Supplier will select the appropriate AddOn/SBU for the Template/Order based on the options in the drop down box.


Once entered on the Order, the Labor Buyer, Labor Supplier, or worker can make the input.  If the AddOn/SBU is input by the worker, it will appear at the Kiosk when the worker checks-out and can be entered at that time.  This is common for items like meals, rooms cleaned, pallets sorted, etc.

Worker Inputting the AddOn/SBU Amount at the Kiosk

Below is an example of the screen a worker sees after selecting that they are checking out for Meal Break.  Please note that this is only shown on Kiosks at Labor Buyers were the configuration dictates that the worker has the ability to make this selection at the Kiosk.


Below is an example of the screen a worker sees upon check-out at the Kiosk when the ability to enter Rooms Cleaned at the Kiosk is configured.


Buyer/Supplier Inputting the AddOn/SBU Amount in TimeCard Editor

Other entries are made only by the Buyer or Supplier through TimeCard Editor.  These entries might include tips/gratuities/bonuses, but can also include rooms cleaned or pallets sorted. 


 All entries, whether entered by the worker or by the Buyer/Supplier, can be edited through TimeCard Editor as long as the TimeCard for the week has not yet been approved. 

Since the AddOn must be included at the time the Order is created, please be sure to confirm which AddOns/SBUs are in use at your location.