When using the ACA AddOn to track billing associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), be sure to note the following key items.

  • The ACA AddOn must be included when the Order is created in order to input the ACA amount in TimeCard Editor.
  • An amount can only be input into the ACA AddOn field in TimeCard Editor if the TimeCard has not yet been approved.  If a TimeCard has already been approved prior to adding the ACA AddOn amount, WorkRecords Support can unapprove the TimeCard for you.
  • The ACA hours must be entered as a decimal.  Be sure to enter 38.87 (thirty eight point eighty seven), rather than 38:52 (the colon indicates this is actually a time of hours and minutes, or 38 hours and 52 minutes). 
  • The ACA AddOn will automatically multiply the hours entered by the ACA hourly rate.  For example, in order to bill 38.87 hours at an ACA bill amount of $0.20, only enter the number 38.87 in TimeCard Editor.  WorkRecords will automatically calculate it as 38.87 x $0.20, giving your a billing amount of $7.77.

Watch the video below to help you determine the best View to use and outline the steps of inputting the ACA AddOn.