Each order confirmation requires a Projected Start Date and a Projected End Date.  

Projected Start Date:

This date is the first date that the order will be available for the worker to check-in at a WorkRecords Kiosk or the first date that time can be edited in for a make-up order.  Chose this date carefully as this field can not be modified on the order.  If a wrong date is input; for example time needs to be captured for 1/5/16 but the projected start date is 1/7/16 this order will need to be closed and a new order will need to be created.     

Projected End Date:

A projected end date is used to help with forecasting.  Both Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers can use this date to understand upcoming expenses, payroll, or revenue for a given period.  An order that goes past the projected end date will not cause any issue for workers trying to check in/out of the kiosk or edits that need to be completed.  If forecasting is used by either the Labor Buyer or the Labor Supplier new orders may need to be created in order to extend projected end date for forecasting purposes only.