Copy the contents below and paste into individual emails to your staffing suppliers.  

Subject: WorkRecords Implementation; Action Items Included—Please Read Carefully

Dear valued partner,

As you are likely aware, labor is a large part of a hotel’s operating costs and it is important that our management can access real​-time reporting with timely invoice processing and payment, performance measurement, and accurate financial modeling across all of our Labor Suppliers. To meet these needs, we are implementing an online platform for data collection and reporting called WorkRecords, which will be mandatory at all our hotels. As a valued staffing supplier, your participation in this initiative is required. To learn more about WorkRecords and the many benefits to Labor Suppliers, click here.

Our objectives are to…

· Use a third-party solution that looks out for everyone's interests equally.

· Increase the visibility and financial controls over our labor activity.

· Standardize and upgrade our security, record keeping, oversight, and reporting on all contract workers.

· Optimize the use of temporary and contract labor.

· Receive daily contract labor data into Profitsword, our labor management system.

Labor Suppliers who continue to serve us will…

· Use WorkRecords and weekly update your workers’ ​data.

· Collect time and activity for workers at our facility using WorkRecords;​ no other systems or manual time-​capture will be used.

· Export approved hours to generate billing in your billing system (exports are also included for payroll).

· Invoice us only for the total of the approved time cards as shown in WorkRecords.

· Continue to bill our hotels directly, but send invoices electronically through WorkRecords as a single weekly invoice. Departmental invoices will no longer be required or accepted.

· Receive use of WorkRecords Core Functionality at the per TimeCard cost of $0.50 or less.  For detailed pricing information, click here.

Verbiage to include when the property is using LMS integration

WorkRecords is already integrated with our Labor Management system which transmits labor hours daily, so we are very eager to get all properties online. We will roll out our implementation of WorkRecords in phases across the nation and would like your advance agreement to participate.

We will Go-Live <input date>

Please acknowledge your plan to implement WorkRecords with us by responding to this email by clicking “Reply To ​All”.

Your next steps…

  1. Use “Reply to All” as soon as possible to indicate your agreement to participate in our new strategy. Once you acknowledge this email, you will receive more information vital to the GoLive implementation.

  2. View the Supplier Orientation Video to familiarize yourself with WorkRecords processes and benefits.

We hope that you will participate in our new solution. If you have additional questions, you can email <input Implementation Director>. We look forward to your positive reply.