If you enter a termination date on an Order, but the Order is still marked as active, generally it's because there are missing TimeCards or unsubmitted hours stored on a previous week.

  • Within your Search Orders and Templates View, find the Order in question.
  • Click on the blue Info hyperlink and choose Order TimeCards Zero.
  • Take a look at the history on the Order.  Does it say "missing" or "unsubmitted hours stored" for one or more weeks?  If so, those are the issues causing the Order not to fully close.  Below are instructions for you to resolve those issues so that the Order will close.

What to do with Missing TimeCards

When it is known that a worker did not actually work during the week-ending that is shown as "Missing," a zero-hour TimeCard can be submitted for the worker.  Entering a zero-hour TimeCard indicates to WorkRecords that the worker did not actually work during this time period and should not have a TimeCard with hours.

  • Check the checkboxes next to any weeks that are shown as Missing.
  • Check the checkbox at the bottom to certify that you are submitting this on behalf of the worker.
  • Click the 0 Submit Selected button.

If all of the most recent weeks are missing TimeCards, just change the termination date to be the last week-ending that was actually approved.  Then, you won't have to zero-submit all of those weeks after the date of the most recent approved TimeCard.

If every week on that Order is a missing TimeCard, just enter a termination date that is at least 7 days prior to the start date on that Order.  Then, you won't have any missing TimeCards to deal with.

What to do with Unsubmitted Hours

When a worker has Unsubmitted Hours Stored, one of the following two actions will need to be taken.

  1. The Labor Buyer needs to approve the WorkSegments for the worker.
  2. The WorkSegments need to be deleted 


If you have any questions about how to handle unsubmitted hours stored, please contact WorkRecords Support.