To find unapproved WorkSegments in WorkRecords please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to Reports > My Views and click on the View called Weekly: Review & Approve WorkSegments.  Other views can be used, but this one is quick, easy and you can complete the approvals while you are there.
  3. Input your date range.  While you can only complete approvals one week at a time, you do not have to search week-by-week when checking to ensure you don't have any unapproved time.  
  4. Confirm/select your property in the tagging tree.  If you find that you have the wrong property or that there isn't a property selected, please reach out to WorkRecords Support, as they can improve the navigation process for you.  
  5. Click Generate view.

If you need assistance with instructions on completing your approvals, click here.