What is a Duplicate Order?

A duplicate order exists when a worker has two or more Order Confirmations that meet all of the following criteria:
  • The Order Confirmations are for the same worker at the same Labor Buyer and same location
  • The Orders have identical financial rates

With the rapid pace at which a staffing office moves, it can be difficult for each person in the office to readily know when and where each worker has been assigned.  It may be tempting to create a new Order Confirmation without first checking for an existing one that may have been entered with the same financials.  Skipping this step, however, and creating a second Order Confirmation can and will create challenges and rework for everyone.  

Some challenges with duplicate Orders include:
  • Worker confusion at the Kiosk or through the QR Code process (Which order do I pick?)
  • Confusion by Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers when completing the daily review of WorkSegments 
  • Missed overtime billing and/or pay to the worker  
  • Duplicate billing if the same hours are edited and approved on more than one TimeCard
  • Extra administrative time for Labor Buyers (during the approvals process) and Labor Supplier (when closing out missing TimeCards)
  • Additional cost resulting from generating unnecessary TimeCards    

Preventing/ Catching Duplicate Orders

For Labor Suppliers:

WorkRecords provides three ways to help ensure that only a single order, at a given rate, is created for a worker.

  1. When creating the Order Confirmation, the Labor Supplier should check the order summary included under the name of the worker.  In the example below, this worker has three Orders created.  Two of these are duplicates because they are at the same $15.00 financial rate.  The order with the start date of 1/29/14 did not need to be created.

  2. Run the View called Search Orders and check for an already existing order.  Review to see if a worker already has an Order Confirmation for this particular Customer / Labor Buyer at the correct rate.  Be sure to double check that any existing Order Confirmations for the worker at a different rate are still valid.  If they are not, be sure to close the Order Confirmation with the correct term date to avoid confusion for the worker when checking-in at the Kiosk and possibly selecting the wrong Order.

  3. Periodically run the View called Search for Workers w/More than 1 Active Order or assign this task to a payroll / billing specialist to run weekly as part of their process.    

For Labor Buyers:

Run the View called Search for Workers w/More than 1 Active Order prior to approving WorkSegments in order to help catch duplicate Orders and correct them before they have the opportunity to become a problem.

(Note: Some customers’ Views may have a slightly different name.  Please open a Support Ticket if a certain View cannot be found.