If a worker has multiple Orders, all active Orders for the worker will available on the Kiosk and the worker will need to select the correct one.  Occasionally, a worker may check-in on the wrong Order.  If the TimeCard has not yet been approved, the correction can be made using the TimeCard Editor.  

Use any View that has edit capability* and complete the following 3 actions.
  1. Retrieve WorkSegments for both Orders/TimeCards.
  2. Input the correct time and activity onto the correct Order.
  3. Delete the time and activity from the incorrect Order. 
*Review Weekly Activity by Worker is a great View to use for this type of correction.

For more information on editing in WorkRecords, click here.

What if the TimeCard has already been approved? 
If the TimeCard has been approved, but not yet presented on an invoice, WorkRecords Support can unapprove the TimeCard.  Simply open a Support Ticket to request the unapproval.

What if the TimeCard has already been presented on an Invoice?
If the TimeCard has already been presented on an Invoice there are two options for correcting the TimeCard.
  1. A Credit/Charge Adjustment can be created.
  2. A Make-Up Order can be used.

For more information on these options, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact support@workrecords.com or just simply open a ticket through WorkRecords e-Support.