Updating rates in WorkRecords is easy!  This process is completed by the Labor Supplier using the “Hourly Rate Editor” tool to enter the changes.  Rates can be updated for just a single worker or multiple Orders can be updated at one time.  Both scenarios are explained below.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that when the rates are updated on an Order, the new rates will automatically be applied to any unapproved WorkSegments.  

What types of rate changes can be made?

The Editor allows changes to the hourly pay and bill rates (including rates for all shift differentials) on existing order confirmations or templates.  If other changes need to be made (including, but not limited to, Special Billing Unit changes or OT factors), an existing order confirmation will need to be terminated and a new one will need to be created.  

When should you input a rate change?

Remember, the timing of making a change is very important since all changes impact all unapproved time, regardless of the date worked.  Rate changes should never be input prior to the date of a rate change.

  • You'll want to be sure that any previous weeks have been approved prior to entering the new rates.
  • If the rate change should go into effect the next week, wait until all of the hours stored for that worker at the previous rate have been approved BEFORE changing the rate. 
  • If a change is needed during the current week and all past hours have been approved, the rate can be updated at any point prior to approval.  All unapproved hours for the current week will be approved and will calculate at the rate on the order confirmation at the time of approval.

Thinking of making a rate change effective January 1?

A rate change will apply to all unapproved WorkSegments, which means it will apply to a full week.  If January 1 is not the first day of the work week and you must bill at a new rate effective January 1, new Orders will need to be created.  Please review the training materials linked here.  FAQ - What do I do if My Rate Change Occurs in the Middle of a Week?

Written instructions are included directly below.  If you prefer to watch a training video instead, scroll all the way to the bottom and click the play button.

Entering or Updating Base Bill Rates and Base Pay Rates

1. When you are ready to change the rates on an Order, navigate to Reports on the blue menu bar.  Select My Views.  Choose the View in your account called Search Orders and Templates.


2. Use the Field Selectors to help narrow your results to find the worker's Order for which you need to update the rates.  Then, scroll down and click the Generate View button.

  • If you need to update a single worker's Order, use the field selectors to search for just that worker's Orders.
  • If you need to update a group of Orders, search by the common criteria.  An example is to search by target work-site and the bill rate if you need to update all of the Orders currently at a certain bill rate for a specific property.  
  • If you need to update the Template that you use the create future Orders, be sure to change the drop down box in the upper left corner to Templates (it defaults to Active).


3. Once you locate the worker's Order, click the Rates hyperlink located in light blue Action Items area near the top of the screen.


4a. If you retrieved only 1 Order during your search, you will simply type over the amount listed that you need to update.  In the example shown below, we will update both the Bill Rate and the Pay Rate.  Type over the amount that is listed in the white boxes.  


  • Once you have entered the new rates (as shown above), click the Update Checked Orders button.


  •     After clicking the Update Checked Orders button, you will return to your Search Orders and Templates results.  You will see that the new rates are now listed for this Order.


4b. If you retrieved 2 or more Orders in your search, you can update all of them at once, or pick and choose which Orders to update.

After you click the Rates hyperlink, you will see all of the Orders displayed that were retrieved in your search.  By default, all of the checkboxes for the Orders are checked.  Uncheck any that you do not wish to update.

A box with several options will be at the top left of the page that will be used to input the rate changes.

  • First, click the drop down box on the upper left to choose bill rate or pay rate.  Then, select whether you want to change the base rate (which is first shift) or a shift adder.

  • Next, click the drop down box under the Change How column.  Choose the correct option for the type of change that you need to input.
    • Choose $ Increase/Decrease to change it by a certain amount (e.g., you would choose this if you wanted to increase all selected Orders by $0.50, etc.).
    • Choose % Increase/Decrease to change it based on a percentage (e.g., you would choose this if you wanted to increase all selected Orders by 5%, etc.).
    • Choose Flat Rate to change it to a certain amount (e.g., you would choose this if you wanted to increase all selected Orders to a base bill rate of $11.00).

  • WorkRecords recommends that you enter a short comment in the notes field to document why you are changing the rate (this note will be included in the archive).
  • Carefully review the list of names once again to verify that the correct checkboxes are checked.
  • Click on the Apply Changes button.  You will then see all of the changes that you intend to make highlighted in red.  If you need to make changes to the pay rate as well, you can use the drop down boxes and enter those as well now.  Click Apply Changes and you will see those intended changes highlighted in red as well.
  • Once you have all changes entered for this set of Orders, click the Update Checked Orders button at the bottom to officially make the changes.


Entering or Updating Shift Differentials

Entering a Shift Differential or updating an existing Shift Differential works in exactly the same manner.  Follow steps 1-3 above, then simply enter the additional amount to Bill or Pay for the respective shift.  In the example below, we will update the Shift 2 Differential for the Pay Rate.


Type in the new amounts and then click the Update Checked Orders button.  It is very important that you only enter the additional amount, as what is entered in the shift differential will be added to the base rate.  In this example, the worker will be paid an additional $0.25 per hour on top of the base Pay Rate of $10.25.  In the Shift 2 box, $0.25 has been entered.  This means that when the worker works Shift 2, the worker will be paid $10.25 + $0.25 for a total of $10.50 per hour.



Video Instructions

Press play below to watch a brief video demonstrating the process for changing rates in WorkRecords.

Determining the Date and Segments Impacted

The beginning of the video covers 3 scenarios you may encounter that prompt a rate change and the proper timing to make the change.  It is extremely important that you understand how timing will impact the segments Impacted.  Always remember that EVERY unapproved WorkSegment will pick up the new rate.  If you ever have questions about segments that will be impacted just run a view to look at all unapproved segments or contact WorkRecords support for assistance.  

Using Rate Card Editor (begins @ 2:30)

With the different views available for supplier accounts you will look for a view that is called Search Orders & Templates, Search Orders, Search Order Confirmations, Order Confirmations or a similar variation.  If you can not find a similar view please contact WorkRecords Support for assistance.  Remember, both the view name and view placement may be different for your account configuration.   

Change rates for a single worker (3:05)

Change rates for a group of workers