Duplicate Orders can cause issues for you, the Labor Buyer and your worker, therefore making sure that you do not enter a duplicate Order for a worker is important.  WorkRecords recommends, as a best practice, to always check for active Order Confirmations before adding a new one.  Remember, when a worker has duplicate active Order Confirmations available (two Orders with the same pay/bill rate), it can be confusing for the worker and the buyer and often results in time consuming rework.

WorkRecords provides two quick and easy methods to determine if a worker already has an active Order:

  1. View the worker in your staging list (just before adding them to an order). This will show you a basic summary of any active Orders for the worker.
  2. Use the Search Orders and Templates View in WorkRecords.  This View is a great way to see any active Orders for the worker and all details of the Order. 

Viewing a worker in your staging list

Using a View to search for active Order Confirmations

Complete the following steps:

  1. Log onto www.workrecords.com and navigate to Reports on the blue menu bar and choose My Views.  
  2. Click on the View entitled Search Orders and Templates.
  3. Search for a specific worker by completing the following steps.  
    • Left-click on the "field selector" in blue labeled Worker Name.
    • Enter a portion of the worker's first or last name in the open parameter field (ensure the spelling is correct).  
    • Click the Generate View button.

To check Orders for an entire property, enter all or part of the Target Worksite to retrieve a list of all active Orders.  Be sure to sort by worker name to put them in alphabetical order!