If changes need to be made after an order has been created, it is easy to add or update much of the information in WorkRecords. Common changes/updates made after an order has been created include:  

  • Pay and/or Bill Rates
  • Home Shift
  • Assignment/Order Numbers (to match the supplier's front or back office system)
    • Some back office systems require a unique assignment number in order to process payroll. The assignment number (or numbers if they change based on shift) can be entered into WorkRecords once and subsequently included on future Payroll Download reports. Note: Additional assignment numbers can be entered or existing ones can be modified as needed.
  • Employee Identification Number
    • Some back office systems require a unique employee ID number other than the Social Security Number. The employee identification number can be entered into WorkRecords and will then appear on WorkRecords TimeCard views.

Note: Anything listed below that is highlighted in blue and underlined can be clicked on to take you to a Quick Guide, Training Video or additional resources with step by step instructions.

Changing Rates in WorkRecords (Pay, Bill, and Differentials) 

*FAQ - How do we change a pay rate, bill rate or shift adder/differential rate?

Adding Employee ID Number and Assignment/Order Numbers

Changing Home Shifts in WorkRecords

Some items cannot be updated through self-service and require submitting a request to support@workrecords.com.  These types of items rarely need to be changed.  Some examples of these types of items are:
  • Labor Buyer's purchase order number
  • Overtime bill factors
  • Labor Buyer's email address
  • Changes to current AddOns
  • Addition of AddOns (e.g., meal deductions, tips, etc.)
  • Weekending Date
  • Notes

Some items cannot be edited on an order confirmation by either self-service or the WorkRecords Support Team.  Changes to these items require closing the existing order confirmation and creating a new order confirmation.  Some examples of these types of items are:
  • Labor Buyer
  • Office/Branch Location
  • Projected Start Date
  • How a worker's time is submitted (e.g., Timeclock)