The following areas should be covered with each worker:

  • Steps to check in/out
  • What to do and who to contact if they are unable to check in/out

Communication Tips

  • Include video links in any email communications with the workers prior to their start date.  Videos can be viewed on smart phones, tablets and computers.
  • View the video with the worker during their orientation
  • Loop the video to play in the lunchroom or break room with other announcements when the technology is available

Note: Anything listed below that is highlighted in blue and underlined can be clicked on to take you to a QuickGuide, Training Video or additional resources with step by step instructions.

WorkRecords Mobile Training Material

Accessing WorkRecords Mobile:

QuickGuide: Accessing Your WorkRecords Mobile Account

Video - Accessing Your WorkRecords Mobile Account 

Checking In and Out Using WorkRecords Mobile:

Video - Using WorkRecords Mobile to Check In

Video - Using WorkRecords Mobile to Check Out

Kiosk Training Materials

(because all properties will be transitioning to WorkRecords Mobile we recommend training workers to use the QR code already available on the legacy Kiosks to check in & out)

     (2.5 minutes)

Video - Train Workers to Use the Kiosk (Spanish)

*Note:  Not all kiosks have the countdown screen displayed as a final step instead the picture is taken during the check-in/out process to decrease the overall time it takes for a worker to complete the process. 

QuickGuide - Train Workers to Use the Kiosk (English and Spanish versions are posted)

Actual versus Effective Check-In and Check-Out Times 

Some Worksites have auto breaks to automatically deduct meal breaks or convenience rules that allow a worker to check-in prior to the start of a shift.  For example, a worker may be allowed to check-in for a shift at 7:53 AM even though work will not begin until 8:00 AM.  When the worker checks-in, the time is captured with an Actual Time of 7:53 AM and a Billable/Effective Time of 8:00 AM.  Invoicing is generated based on the Billable/Effective Time.  

Rules vary from work site to work site (and often even from department to department within a work site), therefore, it is important to educate workers AND post a reminder for locations that are using either of these automated rules so that workers know who to contact if their time needs to be edited to override the rule.

Other Helpful Links

FAQ - A worker using their Social Security Number cannot check-in at a Kiosk, what do I do?