The following areas should be covered with each worker as part of their Kiosk training:

  • Check-In and Check-Out Time versus Start/End Time Differences
  • Checking In/Out at the Kiosk
  • Rules for Checking Out for Breaks
  • How to check-in/out if they have forgotten their swipe card 

Note: Anything listed below that is highlighted in blue and underlined can be clicked on to take you to a QuickGuide, Training Video or additional resources with step by step instructions.

Kiosk Training Materials

     (2.5 minutes)

Video - Train Workers to Use the Kiosk (Spanish)

*Note:  Not all kiosks have the countdown screen displayed as a final step instead the picture is taken during the check-in/out process to decrease the overall time it takes for a worker to complete the process. 

QuickGuide - Train Workers to Use the Kiosk (English and Spanish versions are posted)

Actual versus Effective Check-In and Check-Out Times 

Some Workplace Labor Buyers have convenience rules that allow a worker to check-in at a Kiosk prior to the start of a shift.  For example, a worker may be allowed to check-in for a shift at 7:53 AM even though work will not begin until 8:00 AM.  When the worker checks-in, the time is captured with an Actual Time of 7:53 AM and a Billable/Effective Time of 8:00 AM.  Invoicing is generated based on the Billable/Effective Time.  Rules vary from work site to work site (and often even from department to department within a work site), therefore, it is important to educate workers AND post a reminder by the Kiosk for locations that are using these convenience rules.


Checking In/Out at the Kiosk

The amount of time it takes to check-in/out at a WorkRecords Kiosk varies from 10 to 20 seconds depending upon the worker and number of selections required.  The options for a worker to select vary, but typically include the department in which they are working, shift, and job activity.  Click on the video link below for key points in training a worker to check-in and out at the Kiosk.

Rules for Checking Out for Breaks

Some Workplace Buyers have automatic break deductions that occur for meal breaks, while others require that the worker check-out when they leave for a meal break and then check-in when they return.  Rules vary from work site to work site (and often even from department to department within a property), therefore it is important to educate workers AND post a reminder by the Kiosk.

Training Tips

  • Post the the QuickGuides offered here next to the Kiosk
  • Include the Kiosk training link in any email communications with the workers prior to their start date.  It can be viewed on smart phones, tablets and computers.
  • View the video with the worker during their orientation
  • Loop the video to play in the lunchroom or break room with other announcements when the technology is available

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