Working with time and money can often get a little confusing.  In WorkRecords, time can be displayed in hours and minutes or as a decimal depending on the View you are using and how you might need to use the data.

Let's look at the TimeCard Editor for Wed 10/1 to see that this worker worked 8:18 or eight hours and eighteen minutes.

The challenge comes when you want to multiply 8:18 (8 hours and 18 minutes) by a bill rate of $12.75.  So, in WorkRecords, several Views will show the time reflected as a decimal.  Below is the 8:18 (eight hours and 18 minutes) converted to a decimal for easier math calculations.

Eight hours and eighteen minutes converts to a decimal by dividing 18 minutes by 60 for 8.30.

The easiest way to determine what you are looking at is to look for the colon (8 : 18) or the decimal point (8 . 30).

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