WorkRecords Views are real-time, search-driven reports that help streamline processes and provide critical information on how labor is being used.  Views enable users to retrieve and view a large amount of data, including, but not limited to: 

  • Worker activity
  • In-progress spending
  • Approved TimeCards
  • Overtime
  • Edit history
  • Historical labor usage

Several field selectors are provided to help filter the results in order to obtain the most meaningful data.  Once the desired data has been retrieved, these Views can be manipulated online or exported to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis.

Getting Started

After logging into WorkRecords, navigate to Reports > and choose My Views from the menu.


COMING SOON! Learn about saving favorite Views here

The Views available differ based on the role of the user.  A Labor Buyer's Views include tagging information not available to Labor Suppliers.  Labor Suppliers have access to protected information such as workers' Social Security Numbers, pay rates, etc.  Companies managing their employees through WorkRecords have a mix of both Labor Buyer and Labor Supplier access.

Regardless of user type, a user will have Views that focus on the following categories: 

  • Order Confirmations 
  • Approved TimeCards 
  • Daily/Weekly Workclock Activity 
  • Invoices 
  • Management Reports and Other Views 

The name of each View displayed in the user's list is a hyperlink.  Simply click on the View name to open the View.  


Once the View is open, it can be customized to access a record, find the answer to a quick question or to generate a report. Click on the Learning About View Selectors hyperlink below to learn more.

Learning About View Selectors

Common Supplier Views and Alerts

Common Buyer Views and Alerts