Many agreements between Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers have a deadline for submitting Invoices.  Ensuring that all TimeCards are presented on an Invoice before this deadline is a very easy process in WorkRecords.  In fact, many Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers set up Alerts to ensure that TimeCards are invoiced timely.

The steps for running a View to confirm if TimeCards have been presented on an Invoice are listed below.

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab on the blue header bar and select My Views.  Select the Export TimeCards w/Add On Details View from your list of Views.
  2. Set the week-ending date range.  (This should be a fairly wide date range to ensure that all data needed will be captured in the View.  This could be as much as a 4-6 month date range.  Just remember not to include the most recent week or two.)
  3. Choose Group By selectors to better customize the data displayed.
    - Suppliers should Group By the following criteria: week-ending, Labor Buyer, worker
    - Buyers should Group By the following criteria: week-ending, Supplier, worker, etc.
  4. Choose Invoice Date (or Invoice Number), set the operator displayed in the drop-down box to EMPTY, and input a sample date (or number).
  5. Click the Generate View button.

The data can be used for the following purposes.
  • Labor Suppliers:  Create outstanding Invoices   
  • Labor Buyers:  Contact the Labor Supplier representative to create Invoices