The WorkRecords e-Support site is a 24/7 resource to assist you with training and provides answers to frequently asked questions.  In addition to training resources, it also provides access to Support Representatives (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily) and Training Managers (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) Central Time.  Simply open a new Support Ticket to request assistance.

The e-Support training resources available online for Labor Buyers are grouped into two key areas.

  1. Labor Buyer Training
  2. General WorkRecords Training

Labor Buyer Training 

Training materials available by role/position in folders under the Labor Buyer Training heading.  These folders include the following:

If your location has not yet started using WorkRecords, the WorkRecords Manager and Compliance Manager will find valuable information in the Getting Started with WorkRecords folders.  Note: There are folders with slightly different information for locations using WorkRecords for contract labor and/or employees.

General WorkRecords Training

The General WorkRecords Training area is divided by key topics.  You will find training content and FAQs covering every area of WorkRecords used by Labor Buyers, Labor Suppliers and companies that are managing their employees through WorkRecords.  Below are links to sections most applicable to Labor Buyers.

Workers - Registration of Magnetic Swipe Cards

Workers - Train Workers to Use Kiosk 

Reports - Using WorkRecords Views to Generate Reports & Alerts

WorkSegments - Adding, Deleting, or Editing WorkSegments

TimeCards - Managing WorkSegments and TimeCards

Invoices - Presenting Invoices in WorkRecords

Credit/Charge Adjustments - Create Adjustments & Present Adjustment Invoices

Note: Some of the Solutions in WorkRecords require that you are first logged into your WorkRecords account in order access the links.

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