An optional setting can be enabled in a Labor Buyer's account configuration to help highlight for a worker when they are checking in/out at a time that is outside their scheduled shift.   

Warn at the Clock functionality can be used when a worker should be off the clock for a set period of time (e.g., 30-minute meal break) or needs to wait to check-in until closer to the start of their shift.  This rule, applied by the Labor Buyer to a worker's Order, is designed to notify a worker that they are checking-in early from a break or checking in/out early to a scheduled shift start or end time.  The rule is called Warn at the Clock because it warns the worker however, it does not prevent them from checking-in/out.

The sequence of events for this functionality at the Kiosk is outlined below.

  1. The worker checks-out for their meal break at the Kiosk by selecting the Meal Break option.
  2. If the worker tries to check-in less than 30 minutes after they checked out for their meal break, the message shown below appears:

  3. The worker the has 2 options.  

    • The worker can select the Cancel option and stay off the clock (they will need to return to the Kiosk to check-in at the appropriate time).  
    • Or, the worker can proceed by clicking Check In Now.

Note: This message will translate into whichever language the worker has selected.