There are two options for capturing billing for shift minimums.  Labor Buyers often have a preference based on how shift minimums should impact their labor reports.  Make sure everyone is in agreement regarding the best solution.  For more information click here to review the FAQ - How do I bill the additional billing for a worker that did not hit the shift minimum?  

Follow the steps below for Billing Shift Minimums by adjusting billable hours

1. Using the view Review Daily Activity by Worker

  • input the first day of the work week
  • if applicable the target work-site for your customer
  • input "yes" in the checked in today field selector
  • input "less than 4" in the total hours for the day field selector
  • generate the view


2.  If any results are returned use the Info link to access TimeCard editor to edit the billable time.  You will want to be sure to add a note like "adjusted for shift minimum".  Note that in the example below the actual check-out time was 12:45 PM but in order to hit the minimum 4 hours it was adjusted to 1:00 PM. 

3.  If no results are returned or once all edits are made click "next" in the view date box just below the view name and make any appropriate edits.  

4.  Continue to click next for each day in the billing week. 


Before invoicing we recommend another quick check just to ensure that no edits were missed.  Use the view  List Timecards and Hours by Day.

1.  Populate the date range field

2.  Insert a target work-site (if applicable)

3.  Generate the view

4.  Click once in the lower right of the Sun Hrs column to sort the column smallest to largest. (you'll do this for each day separately)

5.  ensure that the hours are either zero or greater than 4 for each worker for each day 

This quick check can take 3-5 minutes depending on the number of workers you are reviewing but will save you and your customer several minutes and extra steps should one not be caught until after invoicing.