If the worker tries to check-in with a magnetic swipe card and they receive the message “That ID not found”, there are a few possible reasons for this message.  Reasons are listed below in order of most common to least common.

Possible Reason #1 (most common)

There is no Order Confirmation in WorkRecords for this worker for this Labor Buyer.

Solution: Labor Supplier needs to enter an Order Confirmation in WorkRecords.

Possible Reason #2

There is an Order Confirmation for the worker at this Labor Buyer, but it has the wrong start date or the wrong time submission type (i.e., it’s not a TimeClock Order).

Solution: Labor Supplier needs to enter a correct Order Confirmation in WorkRecords and close the old Order Confirmation.

Possible Reason #3

The magnetic swipe card is poor quality and not being read properly.

Solution: The worker should manually enter their Social Security Number at the Kiosk.

Possible Reason #4

The worker’s Social Security Number was changed in WorkRecords after the magnetic card was registered.

Solution: Use the Search Orders view to confirm which Social Security Number is in WorkRecords.  If the Social Security Number in WorkRecords needs to be changed, ioeb a Support Ticket to request that the SSN be corrected.

Possible Reason #5 (least common)

The card reader is defective.

Solution: WorkRecords will ship a new reader.  The workers should manually enter their Social Security Number.