If the TimeCard was approved, but has not been presented on an Invoice in WorkRecords, the WorkRecords Support Team can assist you.  Open a Support Ticket to have the WorkRecords Support Team unapprove the TimeCard.  Please include the TimeCard ID number.  The approver at the Labor Buyer or the Labor Supplier contact on the Order Confirmation should be CC'd on the request.

If you are a Labor Supplier, notify the Labor Buyer to edit and/or re-approve the WorkSegments so that the TimeCard can be presented on an Invoice.

However, if you are a Labor Buyer, notify the Labor Supplier that you are requesting WorkRecords to unapprove a TimeCard.  If the Labor Supplier has already processed payment to the worker for the original TimeCard, they will need to be made aware immediately to make the necessary changes in their pay/bill system. 

If the TimeCard has already been presented on an Invoice, the Labor Supplier will either need to create a Credit / Charge Adjustment or create a MakeUp Order Confirmation, depending on the reporting needs of the Labor Buyer.  Please review the following FAQ for more information

FAQ - How can a TimeCard that has already been invoiced be corrected?