In WorkRecords, “Billable Overtime” (both the hours and expense if and when OT is incurred) is calculated at the time each worker’s TimeCard is approved by the Labor Buyer.  Prior to the approval of the TimeCard, all hours entered both at a Kioskthrough a QR code and/or via web entry are stored as regular or straight time.  There are many reasons this method is necessary, a few of which are listed below:
  • Unapproved WorkSegments are subject to adjustment prior to approval of a full week’s TimeCard.
  • Billable Overtime is a negotiated item between the Labor Suppliers and Labor Buyer and the terms are frequently quite different between workplace locations, Labor Suppliers, and even job activities (for example some is billable only with pre-approval).
  • Many Labor Buyers have varying work-week end days in the same labor market.
  • In some markets, Billable Overtime may be caused by high amounts of daily and/or total hours for a work week.

Due to this complexity, the WorkRecords system waits to calculate the occurrence of Billable Overtime until the hours are approved. 

WorkRecords has reports and auto-alert emails for potential billable overtime to both workplace supervisors and their Labor Suppliers to assist them in managing for minimum or no overtime hours.