We recommend that anyone responsible for adding new workers view these training materials. 

Step Three & Four
After your account has been set up in WorkRecords, you'll begin preparing for your GoLive by Adding Workers and Uploading Security Photos in WorkRecords.  Workers must be added prior to creating an Order Confirmation.  Security Photos are usually added when the worker is initially entered into WorkRecords.  Security Photos can, however, be added at any point in the process and any photo can be used - either one you already have of the worker or one from their check-in/out photos taken through wc.workrecords.com.

Note: Anything listed below that is highlighted in blue and underlined can be clicked on to take you to a QuickGuide, Training Video or additional resources with step by step instructions.

Click on the following link for instructions for adding workers and uploading security photos.

Add Workers and Upload Security Photos

Visit Workers - Add Workers & Security Photos or use the links below for more information on:

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