If after reviewing appropriate training resources on e-Support, you would like to schedule a training session with a WorkRecords Manager, please click here to book an available time slot.  

Links to training materials covering the most common topics are below.  Please be sure to review the relevant training solutions below prior to your call.

Labor Suppliers (e.g, staffing companies)

d Workers and Upload Security Photos
 (for all new users)
Create Order Templates (for users responsible for adding new customers or when updates need to be made) 
Create Order Confirmations (for all new users)
Monitor Worker Activity (for all new users)
Download Time & Activity (for all new users)
Present Invoices (for all new users)

Labor Buyers (e.g., managers at the worksite, such as a hotel's Housekeeping Manager, etc.)

Reviewing & Reporting on Worker Time & Activity

Editing Worker Time or Activity (if appropriate for your property)

Approving TimeCards