When a worker has more than one TimeCard generated in a week the Labor Supplier may need to review both TimeCards and calculate the OT billing.  

The quickest way to determine if a worker worked more than 40 hours over two TimeCards is to use the view Review Weekly Activity by Worker under Reports> My Views.  

  1. Input the last day of the work week - the week-ending date (this is very important!)
  2. Add the target work-site (if applicable)
  3. Make Weekly Hours to Date greater than 0
  4. Group and Sort the Worker's Name

Workers with a "Count" of 2 or more and total hours more than 40 "Weekly Hours to Date" will need to reviewed.  Note in the example below Brown, Tamika has 42.78 hours but only a count of 1.  This means those hours are on a single TimeCard and the OT will be automatically calculated when the TimeCard is approved.  Both Doe, Jane and Epping, Eli have a count of two but Jane only has 37.58 hours so no additional calculations are needed but Eli has 42.85 hours.  The 2.85 hours will need to have OT calculated if the OT is billable to the customer.       

When the OT is billable it should be added the MISC field on the appropriate TimeCard.  Remember, the job activity on the TimeCard determines where those additional billing will be allocated.  You will want to make sure you understand which area will be responsible for the OT, especially if it is billed at two different rates.  Once you have worked with your Labor Buyer to determine this you can add the amount to the MISC AddOn.

For this example let's assume that the BillRate is $15.00 and the OT Bill Factor is 1.5 making the OT BillRate $22.50.  Since the regular time (the 1 of the 1.5) has already been billed only the .5 (or $7.50) needs to be captured.  

2.85 * 7.50 = $21.375 or $21.38.  This is the amount that should be added to the MISC field.


Remember, if the TimeCard has already been approved a request must be sent to WorRecords support to unapprove the TimeCard so that the OT billing can be added to the MISC field.  If the TimeCard has been both approved and invoiced an adjustment will be need.

Steps for Creating a Credit / Charge Adjustment