Labor Buyers and Suppliers have two options for adding holiday billing in WorkRecords.

  1. Adding the billing amount to unapproved TimeCards 
  2. Creating an adjustment after the TimeCards have been approved and invoiced 

Adding Holiday Billing to Unapproved TimeCards

The most common way to add holiday billing for a worker is by using the Holidays or Misc AddOn field and calculating correct billing amount.  

Step One

Determine the billing amount per hour

Let's look at an example where the Labor Buyer has agreed to be billed 1.5 the regular billing amount for hours worked on the holiday and the worker worked 8:09 (or 8 hours and 9 minutes) at a Bill Rate of $15.00.  Since the regular time (1.0) has already been calculated, only the .5 of the 1.5 needs to be captured.  Calculating $15.00 * .5 the amount is $7.50 per hour.  

Step Two

Determine the hours/minutes and convert them to a decimal 

Multiply the hours by the .5 bill amount

When calculating 8 hours and 9 minutes (8:09), many people mistakenly multiply 8.09 * 7.50 for a total of $60.68.  Remember, 8:09 is the time in hours and minutes.  Before multiplying it, you must convert this amount to a decimal.  Using the view Review Weekly Activity by Worker, the conversion from time to a decimal is done for you.  See below where 8:09 is converted to 8.15.  The actual billing amount is $61.13 (7.50 * 8.15).  

*If you would like to do this conversion yourself, simply divide 9/60 (9 minutes divided by 1 hour).

Step Three

Input the amount into the Misc AddOn field in the TimeCard editor section. 

The $61.13 is entered into the Misc AddOn field as 61.13.


Remember, if the TimeCard has already been approved, a request must be sent to WorRecords Support to unapprove the TimeCard so that the OT billing can be added to the MISC field.  If the TimeCard has been both approved and invoiced, a Credit/Charge Adjustment will be needed.

Creating an Credit/Charge Adjustment to Capture Holiday Billing

Adjustments for holiday billing are calculated following steps 1 & 2 above and then input into WorkRecords like any other Credit/Charge Adjustment. The solution below walks you through entering a Credit/Charge Adjustment.

Steps for Creating a Credit / Charge Adjustment