Training materials for users of WorkRecords is grouped into three primary sections.  

  • Labor Supplier Training
  • Labor Buyer Training
  • General WorkRecords Training

Training Specifically For Labor Suppliers:

Labor Suppliers should begin their training plan by first navigating to Labor Supplier Training > Getting Started with WorkRecords and then move on to Continued Success with WorkRecords.  Getting Started with WorkRecords focuses on two areas:
  • what you need to get your new WorkRecords account set-up or a new customer set-up if you have an exsisting account 
  • what you need to put a worker in WorkRecords and prepare them to check in at the Kiosk. 

Getting Started with WorkRecords includes:

After a worker has begun checking in and out at a WorkRecords Kiosk Continued Success with WorkRecords will provide the resources to review and manage the worker's activity, download time and activity for payroll, billing or reporting, and present invoices through WorkRecords. 

Continued Success with WorkRecords includes:

Training Specifically For Labor Buyers:

WorkRecords Managers and Compliance Mangers at Labor Buyers will use Getting Started with WorkRecords for either Contract Labor or Employees during the initial GoLive process.  Once the account is live, all users will learn the day-to-day usage of WorkRecords in Continued Success with WorkRecords. 

General WorkRecords Training

Training is also available by topic area under General WorkRecords Training.